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Heartland Education

Heartland is located in the highly acclaimed Crandall Independent School District. The innovative trail system that connects the community amenities also reaches the seven future on-site schools, including Barbara Walker Elementary, which is currently open. The schools are planned to be located at the center of the community instead of the edges to allow easy walking access to the schools by students and parents, maximizing safety and convenience.

Barbara Walker Elementary (on-site)

Crandall Middle School

Crandall High School


The Heartland Education Foundation was established to financially support neighborhood schools. The foundation is funded by ½ of 1% tax on every real estate transaction in Heartland and provides enhanced educational opportunities for Heartland students, such as innovative programming, technology, equipment and art programs.

Education Characteristics Crandall City, Texas Texas
School Enrollment
Elementary School Enrollment 2707281 2707281
High School Enrollment 1299792 1299792
College or Graduate School 1202890 1202890

Educational Attainment Population 25 years and older.
Education Characteristics Crandall City, Texas Texas
High School Graduate 0.248 0.248
Associates Degree 0.052 0.052
Bachelor's Degree 0.156 0.156
Graduate or Professional Degree 0.076 0.076