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Crandall, Texas is located 15 miles SE of Dallas or just 24 short miles SE of Downtown Dallas, along US 175. Crandall is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the DFW Metroplex resources, while maintaining the integrity of its countryside lifestyle. Crandall represents an excellent opportunity for businesses and homeowners alike. With Crandall's abundance of business and residential land, a pro-business leadership, established workforce in the Metroplex, and a strategic location, it is easy to understand why the economic outlook for Crandall is so vibrant.

Along with its residents, Crandall also serves as the heart to the Heartland Community, located just outside of Crandall. Heartland is a 2,000-acre master-planned community located in Kaufman County, Texas. The acclaimed Crandall Independent School District serves the Heartland Community. With the workforce headed to DFW along US 175, Crandall is ripe for a stop along the way to serve those wanting to grab something on the way to work or on their way home and not have to mess with the crowds.


  • We chose to live in the Crandall/Combine community for the small town feel and ability to raise children in a smaller community with less exposure to crime and pollution. Kaleidoscope Kids was created in Crandall after a need for pediatric care was noted. Our staff is comprised of people from local towns so there is a sense of community and family working here. There is an opportunity to become involved and make a difference in a small town. Kaleidoscope Kids has been in operation for over ten years and growing here in Crandall.

    Doc & Dr. Byington

  • The Crandall Independent School District is proud to be partners with our Crandall Economic Development Corporation. Together, we are continuing the tradition of Pirate Pride as our community continues to grow. Crandall offers great schools, great community, great people, and great opportunity.

    Dr. Robert Jolly

    Supt, CISD